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We recently shipped our Kickstarter pre-orders. The feedback has been overwhelming. We thought we'd share some of it.

"I just tried my ADED pants on...they are perfect! So good I just ordered another pair from your website. Job really well done! Thanks and congrats!!!" – David G.

"Received mine yesterday. Top quality in every aspect - thank you!" – Bryan B.

"I bought this for my husband and he absolutely loves it. He loves it so much that he ordered the charcoal grey. The quality is amazing and looks great on him!" – Grace L.

"I just received mine today and can honestly say they are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn, top quality too. Buying more right away and regretting not committing to more pairs at the beginning."  Aden F.

"I got mine yesterday. WOW!!!! Better than I could have imagined!" – Tony D.

"My pants showed up today. All I can say is cool, cool, cool!" – Rob G.

"I received mine last week and absolutely love them! Coworkers didn't even notice they were sport material!"  Christos X.

"They fit and they look better than I thought they would. (No offense) Thank you so much for taking the time to hand write a note. With technology, companies and people don't do that anymore. It just shows how passionate you are with your product and company. I really respect that. Thank you so much for making a great product." – Daniel E.

"I just received my first pair which I ordered from Kickstarter. I was shocked the sizing was dead on. L.O.V.E. - just ordered 2 more." – Michael H.

"I just got my first pair and I LOVE them. Just ordered three more pair :) Thanks for making such a great product. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with!" – Bradley B.

"Quick note to let you know that I got the pants, and they are awesome! Totally love them. Thanks for a job well done. I also appreciated the hand written note, it's a nice personal touch." – Vivek N.

"Legitimately impressed by the product and excited to wear them over Thanksgiving. The fit is better than expected. Nice work though. These are very very nice and feel high quality." – Adam S.

"Just got my Public Rec pants and I think they might just be everything I ever wanted in a pant <3." – Mike D.

"Awesome pants! I think I have worn them three days in a row." – John P.

"Just tried the pants on. I love them. They are really great." – Michael E.

"Just have to tell you that I absolutely love the pants - they fit Michael so well, and they are waaay better than any pants he owns! Love the material, and I can tell he is going to live in them 24/7. I'll definitely spread the word, and get him some more soon! :)" – Abby E.

"I received the pants on Wednesday and they are just great! Thank you for great service and a great product. Think I'll have to order one in black as well now…Keep up the good work!"  Jon B.

"These are the best looking, most comfortable pants I've ever worn. I want another black one. Thanks, couldn't be happier."  Javier P.

"Thank you Public Rec for a great product & great campaign. Loving the pants!" – Chuck G.

"Got mine here in Germany. Really nice quality, got them on @ work right now. Looking forward to more Kickstarter projects from you. Thanks!" – Patrick M.

"Received them yesterday, took them out of the box (great packaging, BTW), put them on and will never take them off again! Will order different colors NOW!" – Mark J.

"I've had mine for a week now. Best pants ever. They have replaced all of my old sweatpants. I'll have to pick up another pair or two when I can." – Hanwei H.

"It's finally here - and I love it already! Perfect fit, highly comfortable fabric, great style. Everything you've promised, good job! Also a very nice packaging with a personal touch, much appreciated." – Justus A.

"Well done. One of the first Kickstarter projects which delivered on time and what a product. You made my day. Thanks!" – Philipp R.

"Received mine today and wow, I'm pleasantly surprised! Can't wait to wear these in, great job guys. Will be recommending these to my friends in the future, good luck!" – Victor B.

"Just wore my Public Rec pants today to work for the first time. Best most comfortable pants I've worn in my life. These things are amazing. Definitely need more of these! Fantastic job. #publicrec #feelslikeiminbedatwork #hopeidontgetfired" – Douglas B.

"Field testing my #ADEDpants from @public_rec at work today and they are even more comfortable than I imagined." – Michael H.

"I have felt the future. Two words: dess sweatpants. Nailed it Public Rec."  Kyle B.

"Got my ADED pants from @public_rec yesterday and it's been 24 hours of pure bliss #pantelones #startup #retailkiller"  Solomon F.

"The pants arrived today. To be honest, there was a part of me this entire time telling me I should return them, as I can't believe I spent $100 on a pair of sweatpants. But these are so much more than a pair of sweatpants. They are the most comfortable pants I've ever tried on and they look awesome, nothing at all like sweatpants. Which is exactly what you were going for, and you nailed it hard. I will have to do some budgeting, but I see a black pair and a navy pair in the near future." – Michael F.

"Just received mine and tried them on: each fits and slides on like a glove! Smart enough for the office with enough casual-comfort for a jaunt on the street! AWESOME!" – Vynsnt Y.

"OK, now I am going to order 4 more pairs of #ADEDpants these pants are amazing." – Michael H.

"Pants came through a few days ago and I still haven't taken them off. I don't know what type of magic you worked to make these bad boys but they are the comfiest pair of pants I own. Oh and they're also damn stylish (They've been racking up compliments)." – Tom L.

"Got my pants today, only tried on the black but the look and feel are great. These are perfect pants for flying on long flights or early am flights. Thank!" – Robert M.

"I just received my two pants. They are marvelous. Thank you for this outstanding product, definitely more will be ordered." – Omar G.

"Received my pants and don't want to take them off! Definitely will be buying another pair." – John D.


  • Tracy Sutton

    Awesome pants! Purchased a pair in black and after wearing them for a few days I ordered a second pair in heather charcoal. Pants are fantastic and the service is awesome as well!

  • David Mak

    Pants are very well made, rugged and perfect for not just the gym (whether on its own or over shorts as a warm up pant) but also for traveling. I’m from Canada and vacationed to California during the Christmas holidays and the pants were a great choice to bring along. More refined and comfortable than most other brands active pants or jeans I’ve owned. While touring from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back, zippered pockets were a great feature as it secured my hotel access cards, tickets, etc and back pockets to hold any extras. Sure glad I bought 2 pairs and looking forward to any future products!

  • Frank Nathan

    I am a high school basketball referee. These pants are so comfortable and fit so well. The best thing about them is that they are sweat pants and no one needs to know. The waist is made out of spandex plus there are inner strings to tighten so I never have to worry about the pants falling down while I am running. I feel like a “superman” as I fly down the court knowing that I look and feel so good. I am ordering 3 more pair in all colors.

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